with thanks

This project involved the collaboration of many people.

First of all thanks must go to all who so graciously gave their time to be interviewed for this book, shared a part of their lives and their experiences and, overcoming their misgivings, faced the camera to have their portraits created for publication. It has been an honor and a pleasure to meet so many gracious and wonderful people and to spend some time - too little time - getting to know them.

This project would not have been possible without the enthusiasm, dedication, patience and tireless charm of Emily Siekkinen. For a whole year she tracked down, chased, cajoled and encouraged everyone who needed to participate. And she never once stopped smiling.

Thanks to Henry Lambert and Carey Bond without whose gracious invitation for a drink aboard their boat in Miami, we would never have been introduced to New Orleans and its endless allure.

Thanks to Pam Bryan - also there for that drink on that boat - whose idea it was to do this project, who underwrote Emily's time dedicated to this work and who smoothed many paths to getting this whole thing off the ground and done.

Thanks go to Patty Gay and all at the Preservation Resource Center for their support and for introducing us to many of the people who have participated in this project. The widespread goodwill towards the PRC and the work that it does was a major reason why so many people agreed to participate in this project.

Everyone I met was spontaneously helpful and gave of their time to make this project a success. They introduced me to others, guided me and tried to help me work through how to get things done in that special New Orleans way. Like so many before us, we have been seduced by New Orleans. In a short time we have met so many delightful people. People who have welcomed us into their city and their home and have made us feel at ease in the many different communities around the city. And for that, the biggest thanks of all.